SMRT Direct Action Grip Video (English)

The Sympathetic Movement Reduction Technique (SMRT) Direct Action Grip is a revolutionary AR15 pistol grip design which integrates a remote switch for activating a tactical light or laser that is easy to access and use, yet sufficiently recessed to prevent accidental light/laser discharges. The patented SMRT Direct Action Grip frees the shooter’s support hand while allowing ambidextrous activation of force multiplying devices. The SMRT Direct Action Grip uses existing pressure switches currently in US military inventories, which eliminates many of the risks and cost involved with wireless activation. The SMRT Direct Action Grip is constructed out of aircraft-grade aluminum and is compatible with most common MILSPEC pressure switches. The SMRT Direct Action Grip has been employed operationally by USASOC components, Special Forces Aviation, Air Force Pararescue, and civilian SWAT teams. It is compatible with any weapon that accepts an AR15, M4, or HK416 style grip. ETA will be collecting buyer information throughout SHOT Show and expects to take preorders in the spring.

SMRT Direct Action Grip Video (Italian)

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